August 19, 2022 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T3/W6

Dear Parents,

Testing ourselves against some of the best youth teams in the world is and will always remain a very important part of our program. 

This advanced development initiative which is open to ambitious and committed young people provide us with the ideal environment to test their level of football and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their individual and collective ability on the global stage.

Our training methodology is unique and seeing the way our players competed and dominated some of the best English academies this week is quite remarkable. 

After more than 7 years of non stop football development from the age of 7 some of our players are starting to enjoy the benefits of a consistent football development environment and culture as they compete on the international scene. The kids have grown and are showing that they belong to this level based on the feedback we are getting from the UK. An amazing achievement when you look at the small pool of players we have to pick from.

There is still a lot of work ahead for these young players but we have to be very proud of them. They have held the Mongo Football banner very high against high level professional clubs. 

The focus now is to continue our foundation work with the next generation and that process does not only include players, but also parents as they have a crucial role to play during the development process. Parents are therefore encouraged to attend our term meetings, follow us on social media, read the newsletter in order to be more familiar with our development environment.

Mini Mongo is of particular interest as it is the foundation of our vision, style and philosophy of play. The planning is well underway to provide them with a more integrated curriculum and this will no doubt continue to flow all the way through all the other academy programs.

Good luck to all our teams taking part in games throughout the district this weekend. 

See you on the field. 


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