August 12, 2022 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T3/W5

Dear Parents,

A warm hello from Manchester!
Our ambition and drive to accompany our academy players through their football journey has once again taken us to Europe where our Advanced Academy players are spending time at Manchester City Academy followed by a series of games against some of the UK top academies such as West Ham United, Queens Park Rangers & Chelsea Football Club. I am sure it will not only be a huge eye opener for the boys, but also a great opportunity to test themselves against some of the future professional players in their age category. During our time away, beside playing high level oppositions, players will be exposed to a range of individual development opportunities. From testing, profiling, introduction to styles & systems of play on and off the field, football psychology, nutrition and hydrotherapy recovery chamber. A truly amazing experience for any committed young aspiring football player.

Back to the training ground this week, Mini Mongo, Pre Academy, Advanced Pre Academy and Academy players continued to challenge themselves with fun, commitment and passion while coaches delivered our term 3 curriculum across all the categories. There is no doubt we can clearly see the benefits of learning the game both from an individual and collective level. Our players distinguish themselves with a particular style of play across every category. This holistic education is evident during winter competition matches and we look forward to improving the learning further with the Mini Soccer Cup introduction. To put it simple, our teams play the way they train. The learning process is a long and gradual one that requires a great deal of patience from families and our technical team. Any sign of progress is a real opportunity to celebrate and a big motivation for us to continue our development work.

Have a good weekend.



Why do kids drop out of grassroots sport

In this blog, we will explore why children play sport and also, more crucially, why they choose to disengage and leave youth sport behind.

We all know that participation in sport and exercise has a wide range of both physical and mental benefits. Children enter sports because they want to have fun, play and build new friendships. We will explore why children may want to stop playing football and how as parents/carers, coaches or supporters we can help keep their love for grassroots’ football alive.

Children leaving football and developing a negative relationship with the sport can have a detrimental effect later in their life. Therefore it is important to look at what we can do now to help ensure that children do not leave the sport for the wrong reasons, and in some cases never return to it as an adult.

Why do children play grassroots’ football?