March 14, 2024 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T1/W8

It is always an enjoyable feeling when players putting so much time, determination and commitment towards the development of their game start to show signs of improvement. 
After a month and a half of training we are starting to see real signs of improving from and individual and collective aspects. 
The routine, environment, culture and quality of training are no doubt showing their positive effect and we are now starting to see young people playing with a lot of confidence. The April school holiday clinic will keep the enthusiasm, develop and polish the technical abilities. 
The task for the technical team is a very challenging one as we know and can see that not all players are at the same level. Being able to make sure they can all develop at their own pace while fitting into the collective dynamic is the challenge we face and enjoy week in week. 
We continue to assemble a very enthusiastic and impressive team of coaches fully dedicated to the development of our players. The fact that all of them have played or continue to play the game is a bonus for our players who sees them as role models when it comes to the game.
With the kick off to the season a couple of weeks away, we are actively looking for friendly games opponents to give our teams some game experiences before the season kicks off. Parents will be notified as soon as we have a confirmation. 
Parents play a very important role in support of our training environment and culture. We encourage to contact us at anytime via email, phone or in person to discuss any idea or suggestions they may have that could further improve our club and program. 

Have a fun weekend 



Football Australia is proud to announce the inaugural recipients of the Growing Football Fund’s Community Grants, generously supported by CommBank.

This initiative is a testament towards Football Australia’s and CommBank’s joint commitment to empower, support, and encourage women and girls across the nation to actively participate in the game.

A diverse group of 121 clubs and associations from across the country have been selected to receive funding. These grants will support a range of initiatives aimed at:

  • Driving Participation: Creating new opportunities for engagement through come-and-try events
  • Enhancing Experience: Investing in coach development to improve the participant experience
  • Promoting Body Confidence: Removing white playing shorts to promote body confidence
  • Reducing Barriers: Proving fee subsidies to women and girls who are experiencing financial hardship