Terms & Conditions


All registrations are subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Mongo Football program. Mongo Football Program has the right to ask a player to leave the program due to violation of the Terms and Conditions, Program Guidelines, Player Rules or failure to make scheduled program payments. Mongo Football has the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions, Program Guidelines, Player Rules at any time.


Football is at times a physical, contact sport. By registering my child, I declare that they are fit to participate in all activities. As the parent or guardian of the player, I understand that these programs, activities, games and training elements are hazardous by nature and I assume all risks of injuries arising from participation. I release, indemnify and hold harmless Mongo Football Program and its directors, employees and representatives from any claim, demand or action arising in connection with the player’s participation.

Consent for Medical Treatment/Liability Release – I hereby indemnify Mongo Football Program against responsibility for any accident, loss or injury suffered by my child/ children during the course of these activities. Should at any time Mongo Football Program or its representatives consider that my child requires medical or hospital treatment, I consent to you obtaining this at my expense.


I confirm that I have included details of all preexisting medical conditions in my child’s registration form. Any updates can be made by completing a new registration form or emailing info@mongofootball.com.

I acknowledge that Mongo Football Program and its representatives are not medically qualified and will provide medical assistance to the best of their ability if required. In the case that my child has a known potentially life threatening medical condition such as but not limited to anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes etc. I will ensure that a suitably trained parent/guardian will remain at every session to provide medical treatment to my child if required.


The player’s parent or guardian is responsible for any property damage caused by the player. If a player’s property is lost or stolen, Mongo Football Program will make every effort to locate it. However, Mongo Football Program accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to a player’s property.


I give permission to Mongo Football Program to use the player’s picture or likeness in promotion of Mongo Football programs in printed or electronic media, including the website and social media. I understand all images are optimised for web use to protect the children. I renounce any claims upon Mongo Football Program for reimbursement for use of this material.


My child has been offered a place in one of the Mongo Football Development Programs commencing on or after the date of my first payment. I understand that my initial commitment to the program is for two (2) terms (20 weeks) for a Mongo Football Academy program, and term by term for Gore Hill, Mini Mongo Train or Play programs.

Term dates are generally based on the public school term calendar. Payment schedule: 1st Payment equivalent to 1 term’s fee + registration/kit fee – due upon registration prior to first training session. 2nd Payment equivalent to 1 term’s fee – to be made upon receipt of invoice via your email address.

Mongo Football Development Programs Mini Mongo Train u4 u5 -1 training day Mini Mongo Play u6 – u7 -1 training day Gore Hill Beginners: u5-u9 – 1 training day Pre-Academy u8 – u9 -2 training days. Advanced Pre-Academy u10-u11 -3 training days Junior Academy u12-u14 -3 training days Advanced Academy u15-u16 – 3 training days Once off registration/kit fee. All enrolments must be confirmed prior to term commencement. Upon payment confirmation you may attend the next session.

Additional opportunities may be offered to players to maximise their development, these may include tournaments, NSFA Winter competition participation, local, interstate or overseas trips, tournaments, Gala days and friendly games and additional training sessions. The costs for these activities are not included in the training fee. In case of financial hardship parents should contact info@mongofootball.com to discuss your payment options, this contact must be made prior to the due date of the invoice.


Mongo Football has a no refund policy on term and registration/kit fees. We ask that you realise Mongo Football is an intensive, disciplined and nurturing training environment, and it may take 2 terms for your child to adjust if they are only used to playing social football.


All fees are due by the due date of the invoice. Unpaid invoices will attract a late payment fee of $20. Mongo Football reserves the right to disallow a player to participate in training if their fees are not paid by the due date.


Mongo Football will not share your personal information to any third party outside the Mongo Football program without your prior consent.