November 10, 2023 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T4/W5

This week at training more emphasis was put on the technical correction and perfection of individual players. 

From ball control, dribbling and ball reception with purpose, players had the opportunity to work on correction and perfection. Spatial awareness, body shape, balance  and finishing  were also covered extensively. Player development is a gradual process that requires a high level of dedication, commitment and patience from players and support from families. Still a lot of work ahead but we are on the right track.

2024 winter teams will be created via WhatsApp with families of selected players invited to join. The selected players will play as a team in the Friendship Cup 2 and start preparing for the 2024 season. 

Selection is ongoing so other players will have the opportunity to be selected for one of the teams subject to their commitment and ability. 

The final round of Friendship Cup 1 will kick off on the 18th of November. This will be an exciting weekend of finals with the addition of penalty kicks at the end of each game played on that day regardless of the final score. Each player will have the opportunity to take a penalty. Players will also receive a participation award curtesy of McDonald’s. 

See you on the field.