September 2, 2022 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T3/W8

Dear Parents,

Over the last 3 weeks, as part of our International Football Discovery Program, members of our Advanced Academy team had the opportunity to travel to Europe to discover, experience and play against some of the top teams in English football. During the trip we were approached by a number of curious people who commented positively on the players’ behaviour and this was the same at their various accommodation facilities. The off-pitch high standards were equally matched by the on-field performances against the likes of West Ham United & Queens Park Rangers with two highly entertaining draws against both teams.

Amazing when you consider the pool of players we have to pick from compared to them. They were so impressed with our performances that they have invited us back next year.
Our annual International Football Discovery Program also provides a genuine opportunity for our players to be scouted based on their ability and level. Preparations and discussions for the International Football Discovery Program 2023 are well underway. 

After 3 weeks away from training, where I spent some valuable time in the UK, Germany and Spain strengthening our global partnerships and pathways, I returned to training this week and was pleasantly surprised to see how well our players were developing. The environment & culture is truly driving the high level of enthusiasm, positive energy and ambition from the players and coaches. The technical team lead by KM & MW has done a fantastic job in upholding the program’s values and inspiring the kids to keep up with the high standards. We have a clear vision, philosophy and style of play.

Our pathway is simple, to provide as many opportunities and visibility to our players, locally, nationwide and internationally. We are here to nurture and develop them during their formative years and to accompany them into their performance years.  

Looking forward to the Mini Soccer Cup kicking off tomorrow. 

See you on the field.


Nutrition Advice for Youth Soccer Players  — Have a Nutrition Plan in Place

Nutrition Advice for Youth Soccer Players  — Have a Nutrition Plan in Place

Preparing for a soccer tournament and peak performance on the field requires fueling your body properly.  Players, parents and even coaches can benefit from a nutrition plan for success.

Heather Mangieri, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN — Author of FUELING YOUNG ATHLETES and Food, Fitness and Nutrition Consultant at Heather Mangieri Nutrition, provides great suggestions for the athletes preparing to perform their best in a soccer competition.

Nutrition for Soccer Players: Countdown to Game Kick Off

Youth Soccer Players: 3-4 hours before competition

This is plenty of time for food to eat, digest, absorb and metabolize a healthy meal.

Of course, what you eat may also depend upon the time of your soccer match, but here are basic guidelines for successfully fueling your body.