August 4, 2023 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T3/W3

What an exciting women’s World Cup this has been. Who would have predicted that the likes of Germany, Italy, Brazil will not make it pass the 1st round! What about the surprise packages…Morocco, Colombia, South Africa. We are definitely in for an even more exciting knockout phase of the competition. Simply great for football!! 

Thank you to all the parent’s who took the time from their valuable time to attend our term 3 parent’s meeting. Their strong contribution throughout the evening once again demonstrated the interest and support to the club and it’s development program on and off the field. A special thank you to our Team Manager’s for their endless contribution on and off the field from the beginning of the season. 

The training field continues to provide us with a fantastic development environment for our players. From Mini Mongo to the Advanced Academy Program we have seen a steady and consistent development across the board. It is refreshing to see young people turn up to every training session ready

to be challenged and going through the process in a fun and enjoyable manner. 

The Saturday winter competition is coming to an end this month and we will be extending the playing season with the Friendship Cup to make sure players keep playing on Saturday mornings. 

Following the success of our term 2 holiday clinics, term 3 clinics are now open for registration. This can be done by following the registration link below or directly via the website. Another opportunity for the kids to spend the time having fun around football.

Term 3 Bring A Friend’s Day:
After last term’s success, players will again enjoy sharing their love and passion for the game with their friends on Wednesday August 23rd. Parents will also be part of it with plenty of food and drinks for the kids. 

See you on the field.


In celebration of the overwhelmingly successful FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023™, and Australia’s sell out group stage game against Nigeria at Brisbane Stadium last night, Football Australia CEO, James Johnson extends appreciation to the Queensland Government for their $4 million funding commitment towards Football Australia’s Legacy ’23 and the continued advancement of women’s football.