September 15, 2022 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T3/W10

Dear Parents,

Term 3 comes to an end next week and looking back, I can proudly and confidently say well done to all involved in supporting the kids throughout the term. 

Our reputation for creating exciting, learning and football nurturing environments is more and more appreciated and the kids are clearly making the most of. 

The contagious drive, passion and enthusiasm around the training environment makes it a truly exciting experience working with the kids. 

Our focus now is to improve that environment and make it even more welcoming and fun. The confidence around the place is amazing with kids not afraid to express themselves.

Our technical team is constantly evolving as we look for improvements in the way we support our players in the delivery of our curriculum. From training our very own players, we connect with ambitious football educators who share our coaching values.

Our Mini Mongo First Touch program will be reorganised starting in term 4. As our foundation program, it is important we continue to prioritise the Player Experience. 

With a much friendlier weather last Saturday, the Mini Soccer Cup was a completely different affair with some competitive and entertaining games throughout the morning. 

The improvement from the previous week was striking. This weekend will be the last round of games for this term as we observe a break for the school holidays. Let’s hope for more better weather conditions tomorrow for more entertaining games. 

See you on the field. 


Hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ is a once in a lifetime opportunity to realise a truly meaningful legacy for football, the community and the nation.

Winning the bid was just the beginning

The emphatic reaction from the public, media and politicians when we won the bid was phenomenal. With over 800,000 people registering their support, and thousands of conversations online, football united the nation in a monumental moment for women’s sport in Australia.

Now, we must work together to maximise the opportunities of the biggest global event in Australia since Sydney 2000.  

As Australia’s largest community sport of almost two million participants, Football is an inclusive platform that can deliver economic, health and social benefits to more Australians than ever before. The whole nation is excited about the life-changing opportunities that lie ahead.

Through the five pillars of Legacy ‘23, we can partner together to deliver enduring outcomes for our game beyond the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™.

Five Pillars of Legacy ‘23

1. Participation

Growing our game through expanded community programs to ultimately achieve gender parity in 2027, with 400,000+ new female participants.

By expanding the reach and impact of Australia’s most diverse and largest club participation sport, we can create more economic, health and social benefits for all Australians, and unlock the potential of women and girls from Indigenous and migrant communities.