July 21, 2023 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T1/W1

A big week of football in Australia with the kick off of the Women’s World Cup and a valuable win for the Matilda’s in front of a record crowd to keep the dream alive for the football community as a whole. 

Behind the huge success of our first School Holiday Clinics at The Willis Sports Centre, Term 3 training kicked off last Monday with players picking up from their enthusiasm from term 2. 
An exciting term that will no doubt present a number of extra development opportunities to players of all categories. 

The Friendship Cup will kick off on September 29th and we present a real opportunity for players to keep playing throughout the summer season with Saturday morning games at the Willis Sports Centre. 
This will be a true friendship event as players will be able to form teams with their friends for a fun competition of football over a full term. 

Preparation is well underway for the Sydney International Cup with more than 100 registered teams so far. We will commence our selection process in the coming weeks to make sure selected players are well prepared for the tournament. 

See you on the field.


Matildas kick off World Cup campaign with 1-0 victory over the Republic of Ireland