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This Week (6)

Teaching the game is also making sure that players understand the importance of timing and space in the game of football. The Advanced Pre Academy and Advanced Academy players are revisiting the fundamentals or timing and space creation.  The football field is so big that there will always be space. It is therefore up to the players to not only identify that space but to determine its importance at a given moment of play.  Players have to find a way to exploit what ever space they can find, individually or collectively. This is the fun of the game. What we call “Chess” in football! 

Our April holiday clinics have been reduced to 2 days (April 6th & 7th) due Easter holidays and our hectic interstate schedule attending crucial development tournaments. Given that there will be no training prior to the tournaments, the holiday clinics will provide players with a great opportunity to prepare before heading off to Melbourne and Cairns. For this reason a spacial $50 discount code will be provided to all the traveling players to be used towards their clinic registration. This code will be sent to families via their respective WhatsApp group. The learning goes on…One session at a time…

See you on the field.


How Brexit will ‘change the landscape of youth players’ in European football

Beyond its political and societal impact, Brexit will profoundly affect the movement of footballers. EU nationals under 18 can no longer join British clubs, triggering a shift in how talent is acquired and retained.