Mums & Daughters u12-All Age


Mum & Daughter Skills: 
“Mongo Football Mums & Daughters Skills is a great way for mums & daughters to discover the game, develop skills, keep fit all the while building a stronger bond together on the football field.  
Mongo Football Mums & Daughters program provides girls aged U12 and above, and their mums an environment and culture to have fun, learn, develop skills and gain confidence all the while encouraging joy and self expression though the beautiful game.
Through these sessions, which emphasise fundamental development, players will build a connection with the ball, their coaches, other players and their own self-assuredness.
Each session will provide players with the opportunity to learn a new skill delivered in a fun and progressively challenging manner. At our lessons, you can expect to see your child actively involved throughout the session.
Having developed countless of players over the last 15 years, Mongo Football curriculum implements a proven all round development training methodology to develop its players. With a customisable programming for all skill levels and availability year round to accommodate girls development needs.
Program Highlights:
Dribbling/ ball control, passing, receiving, shooting/striking, and 1v1 play (attacking & defending)
Small Group Tactics:
Master and perfect the unique skills needed in small group situations on the field.
Making runs, timing, speed of play, clearing space, sending players through, shutting down and opponent, using angles in small sided games


Training Days: Fridays

Time: 5.00-6.00pm – 6.00 – 7.00pm – 7.00 – 8.00pm

Location: Barra Brui Oval, St. Ives


Friday afternoons, Barra Brui Oval, Saint Ives

The program registration fee covers both mum and daughter for the term.