January 27, 2023 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter W1/T01

Welcome to the 2023 season.

We hope you all had an enjoyable festive season. Term 1 kicks off on Monday January 30th as we look to welcome back all our families and players within our football development environment. It is without a doubt  an exciting time for young boys and girls to embrace football on the back of the amazing World Cup we recently had in Qatar and the upcoming Women World Cup being played in Australia and New Zealand. 

Term 1 will serve as a perfect platform for us to gradually prepare players individually and collectively into the new winter season, local and international development opportunities in the form of tournaments, friendly games and holiday clinics. 

We are also welcoming a number of new coaches into our technical team to continue to strengthen our development environment. 

See you on the field



Try these strategies to help children cope with going back to school – they work for parents and teachers too

Why does one child experience excitement at the thought of starting the school year while another experiences debilitating anxiety?

It’s rarely one thing and is often a combination of factors, including a child’s temperament and self-confidence; their previous experiences at school, kinder or childcare; friendships they’ve already formed; and the types of transition activities they’ve undertaken.

As psychologists and mental health researchers, we also look at how the family is coping, and the child’s previous history of mental health or developmental disability diagnoses.