July 15, 2022 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T3/01

Welcome to term 3!

We look forward to another exciting term of football development that will allow us to continue the good work from terms 1 & 2. I am sure after the long break some players will look forward to returning to their old routine of training while others may feel a sense of anxiety as they attempt to reconnect with their weekly training.

After the break it will usually take a good 2 weeks to get that enthusiasm back where it was in term 2. The nurturing, environment and culture around training will no doubt help to get them back where they were before the break. This will also be an exciting term with the launch of the Friday Night, Saturday Morning & Sunday Morning Mini Soccer Cup competition. An exciting initiative that will allow players to continue to play football throughout the 4 school terms hereby improving their skills and game understanding and intelligence.

Term 3 Parents Meeting:

Our term 3 parents meeting will take place on Wednesday July 27th at the training centre at the cafe next to the top tennis courts.

4.45pm -5.15pm (Mini Mongo – Pre Academy & Advanced Pre Academy)

6-6.30pm (Academy & Advanced Academy).

A great opportunity for parents to find out more about the program, future opportunities and your Child’s progress. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

See you on Monday.



The importance of getting our kids back into community sports

Sport is great for kids and it’s a huge part of Australian culture, but many children have been simply unable to play during the pandemic.

New research shows that half of Australian children have played less organised sport due to COVID-19. Costs, the risk of catching COVID-19 and frequent disruptions were given as some of the biggest reasons for the decline in numbers.

However the benefits of community sport are widely recognised, with a positive impact on kids’ self-esteem, social skills and mental wellbeing.