February 23, 2023 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T1/W5

The winter competition season kicks off on the first weekend of April before the holiday break.
With multiple teams taking part in different age categories, players are very excited to be playing together again.
As we slowly move towards the half way mark of this term, players will start to take part in friendly games and tournaments over the coming weeks. Unfortunately this weekend’s tournament at West Sydney Wanderers has been postponed to a date yet to be confirmed.
More events are in the process of being confirmed locally, interstate and overseas. More information will be provided to individual families once we have confirmed dates as participation to these events is strictly by invitation.
See you on the field.


Sports are fun activities that help kids learn skills, like how to shoot a free throw or skate backwards. But what if sports could teach us more than physical skills and prepare us for life? If the environment is safe and welcoming, sports can also teach us skills that we can use in our lives—life skills! Participating in sports can teach us about teamwork, being a leader, how to relax if we are upset, and much more! In this article, we discuss different ways that life skills can be developed through sports. We also talk about what you and your coaches can do to help you develop life skills. As you learn these skills in sports, you can use them anywhere, like at school or home. Life skills learned in sports can help you become a good person on whatever path you choose in life.

How Sports Can Prepare You for Life

Sports can be fun activities that help kids to learn different skills, like how to shoot a free throw, skate backwards, or hit a fastball. But what if sports can teach us more than physical skills? What if they can prepare us for life? Kids across the world engage in different types of organized sports, whether at school or in their communities. This makes sports an important context to help prepare kids for life. You might have heard the phrase “sports build character” before. Building positive character does not always happen by accident. It requires hard work from the kids participating, but also from their coaches and teammates.

Coaches play an important role in sports. If coaches make sports safe and welcoming, kids can have fun, learn new skills, and be part of a team or club. If coaches do not structure sports well, sports can lead to negative things, like not having fun, cheating, or bullying. In this article, we discuss how coaches can help kids learn life skills

Values, assets, or skills that help us in life. They can include respect, honesty, teamwork, emotional regulation, perseverance, and many more. through playing sports.