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At this stage of the term, we are very much focussing on improving the technical foundation while developing players game understanding. Football is a number’s game and players have to understand how to play the game.They have to understand and value the  importance of each player’s  individual responsibility in possession of the ball. Using a number of overloading  activities, players are challenged to find game related solutions while improving their understanding of passing lines, 1, 2 or 3.The technical ability is key as is the ability to communicate, compete and anticipate the movement of the ball in attack and defence in a game realistic way. 
Despite all the good development work undertaken at training, we encourage players to go to the park and play on their own with no coaching. May be with friends or siblings.This should be their personal creative time to spend with the ball. 15-30mins of personal touch will go a long way in improving a player’s technical ability. 
The School holiday clinic discount voucher has been extended for 24 hours. We hope all those who missed out will be able to make the most of this opportunity. 
See you on the field.