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Newsletter (6) Term 2

 The next phase is the physical aspect which is often referred to as the first floor in football development terms. It is usually decided between the ages of 14-17 years of age where you will feel you’ll be quick enough, strong enough. We then have the second is the tactical aspect. This is where we the players decision and game understanding are tested. How a player can relate to changing game situations and ball movement and make decisions on where to move to. The final phase is which is decided at 1819 years of age is referred to as the 3rd floor. That is how much a player wants to be successful. A player will have to decide on not going to a disco on Friday night to prepare for a Saturday night game! 
At training we insist on strengthening the foundation of each of our player. The ball control -The decision making – The execution of the decision are key areas we are working hard at each and every training session. The quality of the decision-making is a big factor in the game of football with its many transition moments. Players are encouraged to take information before receiving the ball as there are more immediate solutions available to them as oppose to players who only look at the ball. The collection of information is even more complex as it is not only taking information, but how much information we collect before receiving the ball. A good player will take information between 4 to 6 times before receiving the ball and a great player will take information between 6-8 times before receiving the ball. That is the task our kids are facing in their strive to fulfil their potential. But with a clear vision, style and philosophy, our ability to groom young people into playing an attractive, competitive and intelligent brand of football is well established and admired by so many. It is a challenging but exciting journey towards perfection.
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See you on the field. 


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The deal guarantees one A-League match each week, on Saturday nights, will be broadcast live on Ten’s main channel for the duration of the agreement, preceded by a magazine-style discussion show – ensuring a level of free-to-air coverage hitherto only dreamed of in the league’s 16-year history.

In a further sign of the company’s commitment to growing the sport, Ten’s owners ViacomCBS have bought a minor share in the Australian Professional Leagues, the club-run body now in charge of both the A-League and W-League after securing independence from Football Australia at the end of last year.