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Players and their families are gradually developing their social circle and making new friends each week at training. Close bonds are being formed with other players who share the same passion for football under the watchful eyes of supportive parents.We are starting the feel the true sense of community spirit gradually being built around the players during the week and on weekends. 
This week at training we continued to focus on helping our players understand the importance of using their individual skills and decision making in an effective and decisive way. Understanding the process of decision making from a collective or individual aspect from a young age is very important in the development of each of our player. What to do with and without the ball, how to use space with and without the ball from every position on the field; 7v7, 9v9 or 11 v 11. A real work in progress as the learning is definitely long term and improves as players mature. The  activities we use are set to challenge each individual player to improve on this front. 
Today, we are playing host to our friends from Chatswood and Allambie Heights in what will be 2 good practice games for our Academy and Advanced Academy categories. A good opportunity for us to analyse and assess their progress since the commencement of training last month. 
Arrangements for Melbourne and Cairns have now been finalised in what should be a very exciting experience to all involved. 
We are back at Gore Hill from April 6-7th with our April School Holiday Clinics. Join us with your friends…!

See you on the field. 


Nutrition for the Junior Athlete    Jnr Athlete Infographic

Each day you need energy for school activities, as well as for before and after school training sessions. Plan ahead!  This will make sure you take enough food and drinks with you on days you move more, to cover your higher energy needs. Eating enough energy will help your body move faster and for longer. Getting to know how much you need to eat can take time but will set you up well for great sporting performance.  

Food for Health & Energy 

Food gives us energy. This energy in food comes from structures called carbohydrate, protein and fat. These structures also have other important health related jobs in our body. To make sure you put enough energy in every day, it is important to eat regularly, around every 3-4 hours or 6 times across the day. Think of this as putting the fuel in that drives exercise and builds a bank of fuel ready for the next day – like a race car! Carbohydrates give you energy quickly and easily, eat them before and after every training.  

Choosing nutrient dense foods will help you meet your nutrition requirements for fueling, health and growth at the same time. This includes growing strong bones and muscle, plus supporting your immune system.  Include foods rich in fibre and texture as well as a variety of colours within your everyday choices.  If your food variety is small now slowly work to build this up, work at your own pace.  

You can fuel well and keep healthy by packing a wide variety of foods in your lunch box everyday, use all of the time allowed at school to finish your recess and lunch before you go out to play. Eat a nourishing breakfast each morning and replenish your energy levels with your evening meal and supper each night.