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Newsletter (6) Term 2

and coaches we always have to take a step back to carefully analyse our actions in the education, understanding and behaviour process  in supporting the development of our kids. At training we are starting to see young people who had no confidence to stand up in front of their peers do so, for example, by taking over the pre training song responsibility. That is huge and will go a long way in helping a young person short in confidence to come out of their shell and embrace opportunities that come their way in and out of football. 

Our teams have been very competitive in the winter competition this season. The club is once again leading the way in guiding and nurturing a large number of young people who are discovering football competition for the 1st time.  The Advanced Academy boys have played 4 games with a 100% win record although they are playing a year above their age. The Pre Academy 1st year who are in their 1st experience with competition are improving with every game while our Pre Academy 2nd year is dominating in its category. 
The Advanced Pre Academy team is also performing strongly in the competition. Overall, the players progress has been very encouraging. 

The July holiday clinic at Gore Hill Oval is now open for bookings with the opportunity to save $50 for bookings made during the month of May. 
It is always great opportunity for the kids to introduce their friends and siblings to the club and program. 
I would like to thank and welcome Anaconda Belrose for joining our community as  a sponsor for the  2021 season. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to support the club or know of anyone who would like to do so. 

See you on the field.


Benefits of Playing Sports for Kids

There are a number of benefits of kids playing sports. Athletics are an important part of child development, and participation in sports has a lasting positive impact on kids.

How Sports Help Kids

There are lots of great reasons to get your kids involved in sports, and all kids can benefit from participation in athletics. The effects of childhood participation in sports go far beyond the physical, and can impact a child mentally, emotionally and socially.

Physical Benefits

The most obvious benefit of playing a team sport is physical. With the prevalence of sedentary indoor activities like video games, computers and television, participation in organized athletic activities is sometimes the only physical activity children have. This makes participation in organized sports even more crucial. Some of the physical benefits of kids playing sports include:

Better Coordination and Balance

Kids who participate in sports learn early to have better control of their bodies. This positively affects important motor functions like coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and balance. Kids who develop these skills also develop the neural pathways to support them, and the positive effects can last a lifetime.

Increased Strength and Stamina