May 7, 2021 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter (4) Term 2

12 years ago, a 6 year old joined this program on a football discovery journey. As a member of our first ever selective trials, to the very first Mongo Football Session in 2009, the football journey has taken him from through multiples tournaments in and out of Australia. The highlight being playing under the watchful eyes of world super star and current Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane and former Liverpool great and Spanish international Xabi Alonso in a world youth tournament in Spain taking on the likes of PSG, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Now playing in the NSW NPL and coaching our academy teams, Kieran has seen it all.  Kieran is a true testament of what we stand for at Mongo Football. Nurturing and mentoring young people through their love and passion for football. Not every member will become a professional player. But every member has the opportunity to the learn the game, its required skills, commitments and values. It is a true privilege and honour for me to be in a position to nurture and mentor such a fantastic young person. He embodies and champions our values as a program and  club on and off the field.12 years later,I am proud to see so many young people who were touched by the values and culture of Mongo Football enjoy success at various levels of the game in Australia and abroad. From district, state, A League and international football many of our ex players are enjoying success. Seeing so many of them coming back to pass on their experiences to the next generation is a winner for the Mongo Football community and the especially the next generation of Mongo footballers. 
Happy Birthday again Kieran! 

At Mongo Football we often say that we let the kids play with parents and coaches taking a back step in encouraging them to enjoy their game time on the field. A game is a gift to a player. It is the prize for all the efforts put in at training during the week to compete at one’s best whatever that best may or may not be. Sometimes we are at our best and sometimes we are not. Match day is for us a unique opportunity to watch and honour young players for having a go. As hard as it may be at times due to irrational levels of emotions.. I know. I have been there… It is no about blame and anti sporting behaviours. (Consistency is a rare commodity when it comes to young people and sports). It is about a young person given the confidence to perform at their best. It is about training that young person to enjoy themselves on that field in that moment. It is a time for football celebration. It is therefore a shame to see some grown-up  adults turning up to kids games on weekends  and taking the low road by dumping their personal and professional frustrations at young people trying to better themselves on a football field. At Mongo Football it is not and will not be accepted. Any parent caught acting in such an anti sport and team manner will face appropriate consequences for such a behaviour. Fortunately our kids are supported and surrounded by fantastic parents who understand the challenges involved in taking part in team sport.Let’s encourage and support our kids in their strive to better themselves. 
Good luck to all our teams taking part in their respective games this weekend provided council keeps the fields open.