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Newsletter (3) Term 2

Thank you all for the warm welcome towards our winter competition  team managers. Bringing together a loving and caring team of parents to support our players football aspirations is a collective effort. You are all certainly making a positive impact by supporting your managers duties. The beneficiaries of this strong community sense and spirit in the short or long term will be no other than our kids.

Last weekend I was able watch our U5-U6 & U7 Pre Academy players take part in mini roos games playing against teams from other clubs and areas. Beside the excitement of watching them play I was impressed by their game spirit. The level of development in our U7 Pre Academy players who are for most in their 2nd year of development is very obvious. It is easy to see how dominant and advanced they are from an individual skills and game understanding aspect. Standing there watching them make their own decisions without external interference is wonderful and pleasing to be part of. The U5-U6 Pre-Academy are on the other side going through their game discovery phase in a challenging manner as we play them against U7 teams. The learning for them is immense and will take some time, if not a lot of time to process. What we do well at Mongo Football is nurture young people. I am sure with our strong values, culture and parental support we will start to see our next generation of super stars emerge from this group. Encouraging players to spend at least 15 minutes with the ball per day passes to a wall or simply playing around with the ball with no instructions. This will no doubt encourage them to be more creative with and around a football as they strive to better themselves. Training continues to provide us coaches and players with the opportunity to challenge ourselves. From Mini Mongo, keeper coaching to the Advanced Academy, players were again challenged to better themselves through a variety of development activities. Their response I have to say was fantastic! Most of our players are staring to understand the demandes and importance of quality training. I am again looking forward to seeing as many games as I can tomorrow.
See you on the filed.