June 24, 2022 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter T2/10

This week, we saw a continuation of the progress that we observed last week at training but also during games. 
With the weather clearing up, we are starting to see some consistency in players behaviour, rhythm, 1st touch and decision making. 

The correction and skills development work with the Mini Mongo and Pre Academy is ongoing while the Academy players continue to work on game development and understanding from an individual and collective aspect.

From ball manipulation to reading the game and recognising situations, we are gradually developing intelligent players with flair and a good sense of timing. Encouraged by the enthusiasm and commitment of the players, we are making progress in our efforts to extend the season by providing our players with the opportunity to play more games in order to keep up the momentum at the end of the current winter season. 

We continue our consultations with parents as far as the extension of the competition is concerned. A final decision including scheduling will be announced before the school holiday break. 



5 ways to support your child in sport

Drawing from sport psychology research on parenting, here are five ways you can support your children in sport.

These strategies apply during childhood and adolescence, but are particularly important for children between the ages of 10 and 15.

If you’re a sport parent, remember one golden rule: consistency is critical. Be consistent in your behaviours and words. Inconsistency creates confusion.

1. Provide emotional support

This refers to providing unconditional love. It’s especially important during challenging or stressful times. You are the number one source of emotional support for your children in sport. They need someone to turn to. Emotional support must be unconditional and not dependent on how well you think your child may be playing or competing.