March 18, 2022 By Jordan Off

Newsletter (07) Term 1

Happy days this week with the sun shining and the kids smiling! 

Thankfully the weather looks to be improving allowing us to train without the discomfort of the rain. There has been much growth in the players ball manipulation with juggling practice before training on Monday’s and passing practice before training on Wednesday’s. We’ve been very impressed with the mental drive many players have shown to improve their skills beating their own personal records each week! It’s this kind of attitude we look to continue to foster as the players strive for improvement.

On the training field, we’ve been particularly impressed with the Pre Academy groups improvement in passing as they continue to develop in their awareness of team mates during play. Additionally our Academy groups are showing a deeper understanding of movement and awareness in their game situations as well as technical improvement on their crossing and finishing.

Looking to the footballing world, with many seasons around the word nearing their conclusion we are seeing the race for multiple titles heating up. In the Premier League Liverpool are hot on Manchester City’s tail being only 1 point behind with only a handful of games left. Dortmund find themselves in a similar situation chasing Bayern Munich to the finish line being only 4 points behind. Games in title races are always interesting with the stakes rising the pressure for performance can crack teams or make diamonds. 

Stay safe everyone,



The quarter-final draw for the UEFA Champions League tournament will take place on Friday, March 18 at 10pm AEDT.

The draw will occur at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland and will be streamed live by UEFA.

While the draw will, most notably, set the match-ups for the quarter-final round with just eight teams remaining at that stage, it will also set the bracket for the remainder of the competition and eliminate the need for any more draws.

After the quarter-final matches are set, UEFA will also hold the semi-final draw, paving a path for each club and the opponents they will face in each remaining stage.

The draw will then conclude by determining which side of the bracket will be deemed the “home” team in the final, for procedural purposes, despite the final taking place at a neutral venue.

We will be down to just nine Champions League matchdays after the quarter-final draw takes place. 

The quarter-finals will be played in the span of a week in April, and we’ll have our two finalists by May 4.