June 10, 2022 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter (08) Term 2

Dear Parents,
As the weather settled this week, we continued to work on our development targets and objectives on and off the field. Being able to train and play consistently week in week out makes a huge difference in development.

Developing intelligent, creative, skilful and smart thinking footballers requires a lot of patience, time and commitment from not only the players but their families.

Throughout the years we have and continue to enjoy amazing success in the development of players. Our past and current success has a great deal to do with the support and commitment we receive from our parents on and off the field.

Parents have been able to support the kids and watching them patiently develop into balanced and competent young footballers. Beside the high level of enthusiasm and motivation displayed by players during training sessions, we have to be realistic with our expectations especially at the Pre- Academy levels. There is no need to put extra pressure on players who are learning the game simply by looking at a Saturday result. Our measure is not the Saturday game. It is the change of behaviour and mindset we see from each player at training.

Individual development levels can be addressed on an individual basis but when it comes to game play, the level of commitment to training required in order to achieve success has to be met by each member of a team.

Our Advanced Academy teams are achieving great success from their high level of training commitment while our Pre Academy teams are slowly learning and understanding the importance of training commitment in achieving success on and off the field.

The challenge for the next generation of Mongo Football payers will be to keep up with the culture, ambition and commitment to excellence set by their predecessors. From Mini Mongo, Pre Academy to Advanced Academy, We will continue to nurture and drive this journey towards excellence in support of our players aspirations.

Wishing the Socceroos all the very best of luck on Tuesday in their do or die game against Peru for a spot in the World Cup finals.


From kings of Oceania to Asian minnows: Behind the Socceroos’ decline

The Socceroos’ dreams of qualifying for a fifth successive World Cuphang by a thread.

Graham Arnold’s team must beat the United Arab Emirates in Doha early Wednesday morning to progress to a final World Cup eliminator against Peru a week later.

The prize is a place in a World Cup group against France, Denmark and Tunisia when the competition gets under way in November.