May 13, 2022 By Cyrille Ndongo-Keller Off

Newsletter (05) Term 2

weekend the weather made its presence felt again with some of our teams games simply canceled or postponed due to wet weather closures. We are hopeful that all our players will be able to return to competition this weekend. On Sunday, some of our teams will take part in the 1st round of the state cup knockout competition after last weekend’s games were rescheduled. 

On the training field we continue to each players to fully maximise their time at training. The Saturday skill is another program where we have noticed enormous progress from players in terms of skills, enjoyment, commitment and dedication. 

The discipline and respect for the training kit have also improved greatly with players and families joining in the creation of a great environment and culture for players to develop their football. 

We look forward to seeing you on the field. 


Here are the best parents to have around, according to youth sport coaches

Youth sport is part of the fabric of family life for many families. 

Parents are more intensely involved in contemporary youth sport than ever before. And while youth sport can provide a context for parent-child interaction and bonding, parents exert both positive and negative influences on their children in sport.

Parents help children understand and interpret their sport experiences, acting as role models of positive and negative behaviours, attitudes and beliefs. But being the parent of a young athlete is an intricate social experience that cannot merely be reduced to “good” or “bad” behaviours. 

Complex social milieu

In sport, parenting occurs in a complex social milieu, in which parents interact with other parents, coaches and children. Parents face complex demands that require a repertoire of skills to facilitate positive sport experiences for their children.