February 4, 2022 By Jordan Off

Newsletter (01) Term 1

What an awesome week we’ve just had! Monday 31st marked the long-awaited return to training for all our players and we were amazed with how quickly they’ve grown and matured over the break. Amongst all our returning players we have also welcomed a lot of new faces who we welcome warmly into our community.

The first week back always presents an exciting time and opportunity for players of all ages. Whether it’s the little Mini Mongo’s little celebrations after they score a goal, our Pre-Academy players remembering the words and dances to the pre training songs together or the Academy boys juggling competitions before training. It’s these little moments that players enjoy about their training environment we hope they will hold onto as they continue to grow.

With the commencement of the winter season on the horizon term 1 looks to prepare the players with the necessary skills and understanding required to enjoy and compete in their winter competitions. With this in mind, player registrations for the NSFA Winter competition are open. Communication and links have been sent via WhatsApp. If you have any questions about the upcoming winter competition or have not received a link, please contact us. Once your child is registered, please send through a confirmation message.

As always, we look forward to working with the players over the course of the term as they look to hone their skills and learn from each session. We hope you like the newsletter’s new look. This along with our Facebook and Instagram pages are the best places to find videos and pictures from training, games and tournaments so make sure to give them a like and a follow

Stay safe everyone,

Nadal wins 21st major title

Daniil Medvedev was on the receiving end of Rafael Nadal’s stunning comeback to win the 2022 Australian Open.

The 35-year-old Spaniard fought back from two sets down to beat Medvedev in a grueling, five-plus hour final through the hazy heat of Melbourne summer. The victory over the reigning US Open champion gave Nadal the 21st Grand Slam title of his illustrious career.No other men’s player in the history of the sport has won as many championships across the four major tournaments — and he achieved the feat in quite dramatic fashion.

After the match, Medvedev expressed awe and disbelief at Nadal’s resilience and seemingly inexhaustible energy.

“I want to congratulate Rafa, because what he did today, I was amazed,” Medvedev said while accepting his second-place trophy. “During the match, I tried just to play tennis, but after the match, I just asked him like ‘Are you tired?!’ because it was insane.”

“I thought you were gonna get tired, and maybe you did just a little, but still won the match,” he added, evoking laughter from the crowd at Rod Laver Arena. “You’re an amazing champion … It was unbelieveable.”

Nadal professed his admiration for Medvedev’s game, too.

“I don’t have any doubts that you’ll have this trophy a couple of time in your career because you are amazing,” Rafa told the 25-year-old. “It has been one of the most emotional matches of my tennis career, and to share the court with you is just an honor.”

“All the best in the future,” he added.

With the next Grand Slam — the French Open — scheduled for late spring, the two finalists may cross paths again in just a matter of months. Medvedev earned his best-ever result at Roland Garros last year, having advanced to the quarterfinals where he lost to eventual finalist Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Nadal, meanwhile, is at his absolute best on clay. He’s won a record 13 French Open titles — more than any man or woman has collected at any of tennis’ four major tournaments — and he’ll surely look to extend his dominance at Roland Garros even further come May.