Mongo Football: regards football development as yet another educational opportunity..... The importance of commitment, selfless teamwork, hard lessons of failure, the courage to overcome pain, fatigue and frustration for a common goal. In addition, imperatives of sportsmanship, the virtue of physical conditioning, the sheer joy of healthy competition are values that we are uniquely suited to teach!

Join as an individual or bring your team.

Aimed at players and teams in need for quality technical training, the Mongo Football Escola Program (5-12 years old) is an exciting intensive and basic skills enhancement program conducted every Monday afternoon at Macquarie University Sports Complex.  This will especially suit players who may not be able to commit to the intensive training demands of the Mongo Football Development program. Training sessions are conducted by our qualified coaches.

Specially designed for Individual players and Teams that want to improve their football skills, training once a week over an extended period of time. The training provided mirrors Mongo Football Development curriculum and our most improved players are given the opportunity to join the development program.


Improve your:
Tactical Awareness
Physical Ability
Team Bonding
Individual Skills

Escola also provides weekly training to local teams and give them the opportunity to train together throughout the whole year. To bring your team to Escola, simply click on the following link to register your players.

  • Coached by our Mongo Football qualified coaches with the help of assistant coaches, players will undergo a high level balanced skills development session on Monday nights to improve their skills.
  • The Escola program is a per term program that runs over the 4 public school terms
  • Players have the option to register on a term by term basis.
  • Training will take place every Monday afternoon from 16.30 - 17.45 
  • A complete training kit will be provided as part of the registration fee.
  • The cost for Escola 1-day/week is $250 per term. For new players there is a one off registration fee of $150 this includes a training kit provided.
  • To join Escola, click on the "Register Now" link

We look forward to seeing you on the field.

Escola identifies and prepares players for a possible place in the Mongo Football Development Program. The Escola program is a per term program that runs over the 4 public school terms. Players have the option to register for one term or the full year. 


As a member of Mongo Football Escola you will be considered for a position in the Mongo Football Development Program, in case a place becomes available.

エスコーラトレーニングは“最高水準の育成(Centre of Excellence)”レベルへの準備が必要な選手にこのレベルへの昇格とWinter Competitionチームへの加入へ向けたゲームや取り組みの上達機会を提供します。エスコーラの選手がモンゴフットボールのFriday Night Footballに参加することは可能です。


  • 成功を強く願う選手に対するスキルの取得と強化へ向けた実りのあるプロフェッショナルな環境の提供。 
  • 安全に気を使いながらフットボールと真に発達した選手としての基本コンセプトの教授。
  • 意欲ある選手への長期の育成と進路の提供。
  • フットボール家族の一員としての迎え入れ(特にティーンエイジャー年代)。
  • 年間ゴールキーパー特化プログラムの提供。
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